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Sky Desing Sinerji İnovasyon Arge Tasarım Patent Hakkımızda


Today, even if it is right or wrong, useful or ultimately useless, there are many educational seminars, workshops, institutions, organizations and consultancy companies trying to teach the concept or the necessity of innovation. Evidently, while all these entrepreneurs try to teach you how to create and manage innovative ideas to increase your profits, they expect their own financial expectations to be satisfied first. SkyIDesign however, focuses immediately on solutions that will satisfy "the hungry man's hunger first", by swiftly producing and offering innovative ideas, processes, products or projects, which will ultimately help increase his profitability.

Sky Desing Sinerji İnovasyon Arge Tasarım Patent Misyonumuz


SkyIDesign Company was founded to meet two important needs, one internal and the other external. The first is to be able to present to the world the founders' own innovative ideas, designs and projects, which he had been dreaming up since childhood and is still doing it. The other is to enable commercial organizations to increase their profits by satisfying their needs for innovation and/or innovative products and services in their own respective fields. This can happen sometimes by developing innovative or brand new products and services and sometimes by opening brand new horizons and thus creating new opportunities.

Sky Desing Synergy Innovation R&D Design Patent Our Vision


The founder and chief "innovator" of SkyIDesign Company is Serhan K. Yaşar, started designing and inventing/innovating products as a hobby since childhood but his passion has become his main profession today. While working in one of the well-known industrial groups of our country for many years, and despite his education in Economics and International Business Administration, he left it all to become the CEI of his own company, the SKY SYNERGICAL INNOVATION R&D DESIGN CONSULTANCY LTD. Yes, CEI means Chief Executive Innovator, who often helps the profitablity of a company more than its CEO.

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the team

As the whole SkyIDesign team, we passionately focus on providing value to our business partners' endeavors. We work closely together for the success of our partners and customers and each member of our team is experienced and highly creative in their own field. We constantly develop and produce innovative solutions to offer the best experience to our business partners. We approach each project carefully, trying to understand the needs of our business partners and then produce the best solution, in a timely fashion.

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